loyalty Program

“Beautyloop Stars” is the loyalty program of Beautyloop.

There will be 3 levels of the loyalty program

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

The expenditure amount (per year) to be eligible to enter these levels are:

  • Level 1- Tk 15,000

  • Level 2- TK 30,000

  • Level 3- TK 60,000

Terms & conditions
  • The loyalty program will be based on points (1 point for each 1 tk) & the points will be recorded in our database.

  • The points will be renewed every year on 1st January.

Rewards for loyalty program members:
  • Customized gift box: “Beautyloop Star” boxes once a year. The box will contain personal messages, cards, samples of most popular & exciting products, chocolates, flowers, accessories & other stuffs.

  • Free makeovers: Level 2 & 3 members will receive a makeover from our beauty consultants / at one of our affiliate makeover studio (the customer can choose the date & time of the makeover)

  • Birthday gifts: Birthday gifts customized box for level 3 customers.

  • Access to limited edition products: The level 3 members will get the opportunity to select new and limited-edition products before their official launch.

  • Surprise bonuses: all loyalty program members will get specific offers/coupons/discounts 3 times a year (during festival times: EidUlFitr, PohelaBaishak, Wedding season). Level 2 & 3 members will get double bonuses during festive times.

  • Invitation to launch: Level 3 members will get invitation to international events, yearly events & other special events of Beautyloop.

  • Free Beauty Classes: Level 1,2,3 members will get “free beauty classes” (during festive seasons)

  • Dinner with celebrity / free trip to cox’s bazar: 3 customers with the highest expenditure over a year will get the opportunity to have a dinner with a celebrity or a 2 days long free trip to cox’s bazar.

Other benefits
  • Any customer with more than 20,000 tk expenditure on a single purchase will get a “surprise gift”.

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