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An award winning cult favourite from Malaysia, Breena Beauty is an ultra chic makeup and beauty tools brand. The colour range and formulas of the products are superbly suitable for Asian skin and undertone. With their award winning beauty blender and gorgeous warm tone lip and eye products, Breena Beauty is surely going to be a new beauty favourite.

breena beauty Makeup tools Products

Price Range:



B101 Face Luxe Brush
BDT: 1521.90 (1691.00)

B102 Foundation Buffer
BDT: 1345.50 (1495.00)

B103 Tapered Highlight
BDT: 1345.50 (1495.00)

B104 Cheek Definer Brush
BDT: 1345.50 (1495.00)

B105 Concealer Finish
BDT: 1251.00 (1390.00)

B106 Drawing Brush
BDT: 1215.00 (1350.00)

B211 Fluffy Blending
BDT: 1125.00 (1250.00)

B212 Basic Eyeshadow
BDT: 1109.70 (1233.00)

B213 Crease Definer
BDT: 1122.30 (1247.00)

B214 Shadow Smudger
BDT: 1152.00 (1280.00)

B215 Pencil Brush
BDT: 1098.00 (1220.00)

B216 Brow Definer
BDT: 1161.00 (1290.00)

Sponge & Brush Cleanser 80
BDT: 855.00 (950.00)